This page is regularly amended as qualifications, CPD and experience are further obtained. It will give a profile of me, demonstrating both my experience and my qualifications to give a better understanding of who you are going to work with on a course. 

Head Coach: Pete Edwards

Personal Climbing Experience

I have packed a lot into the last twenty years plus of my climbing career. These days, I live in North Wales, in the climbers-town of Llanberis. While I’ve led trad climbs up to HVS and winter climbed up to grade 3, my focus for many years has been bouldering and I’ve managed 7c+ as well as multiple 7c boulder problems, both at home and abroad.

My record shows a clear variety of climbing, on many rock types, various styles and all grades. To date, I have over 700 logged boulder problems at over 100 venues across nine countries. Highlights include Carnage assis 7c in Fontainebleau, Intermezzo 7c at Magic Wood and Jerry’s Problem 7c+ at Sheep Pen, to name a handful. For more information on my personal bouldering achievements, please click here.


Having qualifications is key in this day and age, to demonstrate a level of knowledge and a level of competency as shown among ones peers. Thankfully, I have plenty of relevant tickets that are relevant to my work as a climbing coach. Some have been completed, others are ongoing. For more information, please use the contact page to get in touch.

  • Development Coach Award (DC). The Development Coach looks more at one-to-one coaching and mentoring other coaches. This is focused more on individual needs and is slightly more student-led than the FC. Qualified.
  • Climbing Wall Development Award (CWDI). This is a progression from the CWI in that it features lead climbing on artificial structures. Qualified.
  • Foundation Coach Award (FC). The Foundation Coach focuses on working on coaching within a group environment, being able to deliver structured and progressive learning to several clients at once. Qualified.
  • Climbing Wall Award (CWI). This award is related to working with climbers in artificial climbing walls. Qualified.
  • Rock Climbing Instructor Award (RCI). Formerly the Single Pitch Award (SPA), this award allows the holder to work on outdoor single pitch venues, using top topes and bouldering. Trained.
  • FUNdamentals 1, 2 and 3. These are more workshops than qualifications that compliment the FC and DC Awards. They look specifically on climbing movement and the teaching of climbing movement. Completed.
  • Physical Conditioning Workshop. Another complimentary workshop that focuses on the physical development of climbers over a period of time. Completed.
  • Professional Masters in Elite Performance (MProf). This is a full on Masters degree with the University of Central Lancashire and as is common in higher education, allows for a higher level of specialisation. My studies were focused on climbing coaching, investigating both content and delivery by top level climbing coaches. Completed.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

It is one thing to complete a course and then rest on your laurels in the knowledge that you have ticked the right boxes. It is another to continue to develop once the course is done and one common method of continuing over time is through CPD. The following are a series of examples of areas i have continued to develop since beginning my coaching career.

  • BMC Coaching Symposium. October 2016. A two day symposium run by some of the best climbing coaches in the country, including Mark Glennie, Udo Neumann and Kris Peters.
  • Adventure Sports Coaching Conference. January 2018. Roughly 24 hours of a blend of academic background and coaching practitioners sharing their knowledge and experience.
  • Reflective Practice Workshop. October 2019. An excellent evening workshop run by Smart Climbing looking at methods of reflecting and improving on one’s own practice.

Coaching Experience

Much like my climbing experience, my coaching is wide and varied. From groups of school children up to middle-aged individuals, there are not many ages I have not worked with. Likewise, I have coached all ability levels, from those working on 4s and 5s, right the way up to two separate climbers operating at 7c+.

There is one constant: they all get better. Roughly half my individual clients have gone on from one of my sessions to climb a grade harder than ever before. I am totally convinced I can help any climber that comes to me, at any level, age or circumstance.

The articles shown on this website are to both give an idea of my abilities and to offer a starting point for you to improve; to get you going on your way to that next improvement.

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