Any outdoor company will need kit and support from other sectors of the industry. I’m thrilled to say Prowess Coaching is supported by the following fantastic companies:

Retail Opportunities

Clients of Prowess are entitled to purchase a wide selection of climbing maps, instructional books and guidebooks for all over the world as part of their course. This allows us to work with you to select the right guide for your trip or training, to stay fresh from injury or to keep you motivated during down time.

For a view of the titles available, please click here. To order, please contact us here. Available to existing clients only.

Safety Management Systems

It is crucial that the kit both you and i use on your course is fit for purpose and safe to use. At Prowess, we keep meticulous records using GearLog; an online kit management system that ensures that not only is our kit safe, it will stay safe for a long time to come.

While primarily designed for organisations, GearLog is free to use and is available to individuals who wish to keep track of their own equipment. For more information, please click here.

Getting qualified is one thing but staying current is entirely another. That is why our Head Coach and Owner is a member of the Mountain Training Association. This allows him to stay on top of the latest theory and development and stay current in all his practice. He has even contributed to their publication, Professional Mountaineer.

For more information on the MTA, please click here.