Theory Into Practice

The world over, students, postgraduates and academics of all levels work hard to develop theory and understanding of the world around us. They literally study everything, and while you may be thinking of so called Mickey Mouse Degrees, all areas of academic study can still seem quite niche; including both coaching and rock climbing.

There are many good studies that look at rock climbing as well as a large swathe of work investigating sports coaching. Fortunately for me, during my Master’s Degree in Elite Performance with the University of Central Lancashire, i was able to dig deep into much of this work, both strengthening many of the beliefs i held as well as learning more, new ideas and theories to incorporate into my work. My study also helped me develop many of my own theories that are used during every coaching session.

However there exists a huge chasm between academic research and practical application and this is where this landing page comes in. Here, i’ll be looking at much of the established academic theory and translating it into what can work for you, either as a climber or as a coach.

Articles are currently being written for this new section of the website. Please keep checking back for the latest addition.