Bouldering with Babies

Spending time off with your newborn in the first nine months or so is precious and not to be wasted. But for many of us, balancing this with our life pre-children can be difficult. We’re still climbers and we still want to climb, how do we combine the two? As a father of two young girls and the author of Bouldering with Babies, I have first hand experience of #babyatthecrag.

This two hour tactical workshop looks at how you can make that happen; from picking your venue and choosing your climb to what to pack along for the ride and how to manage things while you’re there.

While designed with outdoor bouldering in mind, the course will be run at a local climbing wall.

1:1 ratio: £40

2:1 to 6:1 ratio: £30 per person

7:1 to 12:1 ratio: £20 per person

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