Action Plan (Hollistic Training Plans)

Behold! The Prowess Action Plan: a training plan with a difference. Where many other plans focus on physical improvements, Prowess Action Plans are what I’ve called hollistic training plans which cover so much more.

Hollistic Training Plans including technical, tactical, phsyical and psychological exercises to help you perform at your max. What’s more, they’re not off the shelf products and include six hours of 1:1 coaching to help identify your strengths and weaknesses, work out your specific goals and incorporate exercises not only to help target weaknesses but to play to your strengths for just the right time.

The Action Plan can help you benefit in many different ways:

  • Attack a specific weakness in your climbing i.e. headgame
  • Build strength for a trip or competition
  • Create a periodised plan to use supercompensation for a specific redpoint attempt
  • Maintain strength and ability while away from climbing for a period of time
  • Build a recovery programme after injury or such


An Action Plan costs £250 in total. Payments can be split with a £150 deposit followed by two £50 payments, or can be paid in full at the start of the Plan.

What’s included

More than you’d think. Here’s what you get for your hard earned money:

Profiling Session

A two hour coaching session to identify your strengths and weaknesses

A Goal Map

Developed specifically by Prowess, the Goal Map works out not only where we want to go but how we’re going to get there, via another two hour coaching session

Action Plan

A detailed Action Plan to cover your chosen time frame, split into five Phases, designed with you over a two hour coaching session

Action Plan Report

The detail to accompany the Action Plan. The Report will not only explain each exercise but also show when to incorporate the exercises into your sessions

Free Consultations

If you get lost in the middle of your Plan, you’re free to get in touch. Prowess will respond at least once per phase (although probably more)

Discounted Sessions

Extra sessions are available on request at a discounted rate of £25 per hour

How Does This Work in Practice?

Knowing that most of us like going climbing because we like, you know, climbing, the Prowess Action Plan is designed to be incorporated into your usual climbing sessions. So no need to give up your sessions with your friends at the wall to attack this, you can build this straight in.

Exercises typically fit inside a small portion of one climbing session. How often you try them is completely up to you; the more you do them, the more effective they will be. But the choice is all yours, meaning you have complete autonomy over your training, guided by an experienced and qualified coach.

How Long Does A Plan Last?

That’s entirely up to you. I’ve written plans for someone lasting a month as preparation for an Alpine trip and another for someone lasting around a year!

Most plans though are about a season or a school term as this seems to be a sensible break point. The most common is to begin a new plan when the clocks change and then run to the next change (so between March-October or October-March).

Sign Up Here

To sign up for an Action Plan, download the Action Plan Contract below, fill in the necessary information and email it to [email protected]

From there, you will be sent a payment link and your first session date can be arranged.

You will also be asked to fill in a Form of Understanding before your first session commences. If you wish to beat the rush, you can find it here and send it along with your contract


I’ve asked a few people who’ve gone through one of my plans what they thought. Here are some of the responses:

Though my initial plan was simply to try and maintain climbing fitness whilst in on a longer ski touring trip in Norway Pete’s knowledge, enthusiasm and genuinely holistic approach lead to it accomplishing a lot more than that.

At the end of my trip not only had a maintained my physical strength but also the tactical and mental elements that Pete and I had discussed and he built into the plan meant I was in a much better place to approach my post-trip goals. 

This has had positive effects long after I finished the plan and my increased ability to tactically break down routes and therefore better handle them mentally has been a massive help in achieving my trad climbing goals so far this season.

Aled Oddy

The Action Plan system is an excellent way to build a training regime around your goals and lifestyle. It doesn’t turn every wall/crag trip into a training grind. It builds manageable learning actions into your normal climbing so that training becomes natural and fun.

Most importantly, it’s not “one size fits all”. Nobody else will get your action plan. Its unique to you and your aspirations. Mine was a longer term improvement goal and its naturally fit into my normal sessions in a really intuitive way. Aside from the written action plan itself, the practical sessions with Pete are fantastic and his approach to coaching is attentive, adaptive and always good fun. 

It’s an original and honestly life changing way to build training into your regular climbing sessions. Anyone seeking to improve their climbing will benefit from a personalised Action Plan, regardless of whether you’re operating in the high 7 grades and want to push your onsight success or just starting out and want a secret weapon to really beast your progress!

Rhys Morgan

Continuation Plan

What do we do once we’ve finished a plan and reflected? Well, in the immortal words of Steven Gerrard, we go again!

However we’ll have more information this time around and can hit the ground running from the last plan. For example, we probably won’t need to worry as much about the Profiling section.

As such, there’s an alternative to going through the entire process from scratch: the Continuation Plan.

A Continuation Plan is designed to repeat the bulk of the Action Plan, running seamlessly on from the last plan. This includes two two-hour sessions plus an hour long reflection session with the same Goal Map, Action Plan and accompanying notes.

Because they are shorter, the Continuation Plan is slightly cheaper, at £200. Please note that it is only available if begun immediately following the Reflection session.

A Continuation Plan Contract can be found here