Developmental coaching Session

Coaching is all about helping you to improve and indoor climbing walls are the ideal setting. With dozens of routes and boulder problems to choose from, there will be plenty of options and choices to give us the varied practice we’ll need to overcome your weaknesses and get you on to the next level.

The Developmental Coaching Sessions are designed to be isolated sessions that can potentially linked together.

What’s Included

During your first session, we will start with some conversation and some analysis of your existing skills, then move into a warm up, before attacking one area of weakness (if not more) during the main bulk of the session.

Coaching sessions are all centred around the controversial ideology of “let’s go climbing”. Expect me to stick some shoes on, join in with your climbing, all done in a very relaxed environment.

After your session, you will receive a Session Report, detailing what we covered, the Take Home of ways to improve on your own sessions afterwards, and an idea of what you can look forward to on the next session.

Note: please do not arrive early and warm up before the session. Looking at warm ups is an integral part of the teaching and something we will look at in depth. If you would like to make the most of your time at the wall, please let me know and we can tailor your session to leave you with enough energy to carry on afterwards. 



£30 per hour

Small groups*

£20 per person per hour

*2-6 people

Large groups*

£10 per person per hour

*7-12 people

Please note: prices do not include wall entry, as some people already have wall passes. However, a group rate is available so if you are paying to climb, please let us know beforehand and the cheaper group rate can be arranged. 

Get In Touch

If you would like more information on the courses and sessions available, please get in touch

Availability and Location

Currently, availability is decided by a hand-written diary. There are often spaces available, although during busy periods, you may have to wait a week or two.

Sessions can take place during daytimes, evenings or weekends, subject to availability i.e. a gap in the diary. Please get in touch to find a time that we’re both free.

The majority of sessions take place in any climbing wall in North Wales; typically the Beacon and the Indy.

Any sessions further afield are subject to fees for travel expenses. As a consequence, it is rare for me to travel to coach, as this becomes prohibitive. However, it is possible should you be willing to cover theses costs (arranged in advance of your session).

The exception is if I’m already there, for example if I am running a course. If I’m in the area, it is certainly possible to arrange a session, although I ask that this is done well in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Circumstances change, things come up and occasionally people can’t make it. It’s understandable. If this happens to you, the sooner you can let me know, the better as I can hopefully fill the space with someone else. If you let me know two weeks before the session/course/workshop then I will issue a full refund. If you let me know between two weeks and one week before the session/course/workshop I will issue a 50% refund. If you let me know less than one week before the session/course/workshop then no refund will be issued. Remember you need to pay to secure your place on the course or your place may be allocated to someone else. If the course is cancelled by Prowess, a full refund will be issued.