Performance Squad

Many youngsters really click with climbing. For those that really catch the bug, we want to provide the right environment for them to excel. But we want to make sure this is done the right way.

The Performance Squad is NOT a kids club. Nor is it a dedicated route to competitive climbing; it can be if that’s where the goals are but it doesn’t have to be. The Performance Squad is designed to give those youngsters who are dedicated and committed to climbing the right outlet, with expert guidance, to aim for lifelong participation.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prowess Performance Squad is available by invitation only. If you or your child are interested, please contact me directly by emailing [email protected]

Logistics: the When and Where

Performance Coach Sessions typically take place every Sunday evening from 5pm-7pm, except the first Sunday of the month. Occasionally, this changes due to gym opening hours.

Sessions usually occur at either the Beacon Climbing Centre or the Indy Climbing Wall. During the summer, when the weather plays ball, sessions may occur at a local outdoor bouldering crag.

PLEASE NOTE: for outdoor sessions, parents must accompany their child


There are payment options available, to suit you and your circumstances:

Pay per Session: £30 per two hour session

Monthly retainer: £100 per month
(unlimited sessions, subject to availability)

The Who: Eligibility and Some Squad Members

As mentioned, Prowess Performance Squad spaces are available through invitation only. To apply, please email [email protected]

As a general rule, squad members usually climb around Font or sport 6c-7a when they join.

What climbers wish to achieve in their climbing does not matter; it could be to climb hard; compete in formal competitions; transition to rock; or anything else!

What we’re really looking for is the right attitude. The squad is made up of climbers who are looking to push themselves to see what is possible, while creating an environment where everyone in the group is encouraged to reach their potential.

Some Success Stories

We’ve had a lot of success with the squad:

  • Henri was bouldering around 6c when he became the inaugural member of the squad. He was a member of North Wales Youth Climbing Academy but had fallen out of love with competition climbing. By the time he left aged around 18, he had already climbed 8a on rock and was a keen, independent climber
  • Guto was another climber bouldering around 6b when he first joined the squad. With the heart of a lion, he was incredibly dedicated and driven but lacked a little finesse. Within a year, Guto was bouldering 7b pretty consistently, pushing into 7b+
  • At time of writing, Will was new to the squad, having been coached during other sessions but only recently joining us. A competent indoor lead climber and accomplished indoor boulderer of around 7a+, Will was looking to take his skills outside onto the rock and thrived under the guidance of the squad sessions

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