We live in a world where we are constantly looking for the best deal. Well, this is the page that will show you how to get the most for your money for a session with Prowess Coaching

Post-Lockdown Free Hour

We’re all excited to be getting out again once lockdown is/was lifted. However we’re all still possibly a little short of cash after a couple of months without work. So, whether you’re an existing client or a new client, your first post-lockdown hour is absolutely free!

[This promotion is only due for a limited time and will likely apply to Outdoor Bouldering Courses only, as indoor walls will doubtless remain closed for quite a while longer. Current Government guidance will need to be followed. Please get in touch for more information.]

One Free Hour for Every Referral

Had a session and liked what you saw? Well, for every friend you persuade to book a session and mention your name, you’ll get one hour of free coaching! And all you have to do is tell your friends!

[The free hour is part of a two hour minimum session. However, you can stack referral hours, so get two or three friends to book and get a whole session FOR FREE!]

One Free Hour for a Facebook Review

Reviews are so important for small businesses and that is why I’m happy to reward any review on Facebook with one hour of free coaching. It doesn’t even need to be a good review (although i hope it will be!) it just needs to be honest. Feedback from clients also helps me to constantly monitor and improve the service.

[The free hour is part of a two hour minimum session. This can be used in conjunction with other promotions.]

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With a deluge falling from the sky back home and a desire to get out to get away from life for the day, @curly_hair_climber and I headed across the top of the country to @boardroomclimb for a session. It was good! Man they like their toe hooks and big dynamic moves there and I tell you what, they do them well! We also took the opportunity to do some training too; but not typical strength training. With an upcoming long weekend in Helsinki approaching, I wanted to improve my tactical skills and it's something I'll be writing about in my blog very soon. Keep an eye on the link in the bio. Many thanks to @curly_hair_climber For grabbing the photos of me #worldclasswales #northwalesbouldering #northwales #escalada #escalade #grimpeur #rockclimbing #bouldering #bouldering_pictures_of_instagram #climbing #climbing_photos_of_instagram #climbinglife #climbing_is_my_passion #indoorclimbing

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