Form of Understanding

Whichever way you slice it, climbing is a risky activity. For many of us, that is very much part of the appeal! However when particpating, we need to be aware of and accept these risks and know that things may go wrong and if they do, we might get hurt.

When booking a session with Prowess coaching, you can rest assured that even with an exemplary accident and injury record (at time of writing, there had not been an accident or injury on a session) you are fully covered by public liability insurance.

In order to be compliant with our insurance, all participants on a Prowess session will need to complete a simple Form of Understanding. This is a standard consent form that states that you understand the risks involved in climbing, that you confirm that any equipment you use is safe to use and that you are happy to partake in the activity in full knowledge of the inherent risks. There is a specific section for under 18s to be completed by a legal parent/guardian.

What you need to do

  • Download a copy of the Form of Understanding here:

Your file will be kept secure. It will NOT be shared with third parties without your permission. However should an incident occur, we may request to share this document with relevant parties such as insurance companies. You will be contacted in the event that this information is requested.