Types of Session

The content of a session depends entirely on you, your background, your existing skills, strengths and weaknesses; all of our sessions are student led. However to we have several ways to structure your session to maximise the gains you can get.

Below you can see the different types of session you can book, to give us a structure to work on before we begin.

Each type of session is more suitable to a particular ratio, although it is possible to book any type of session with any number of people. Equally, you can chose to design your own or request something totally new. The current offerings include:

  • Analysis Sessions
  • Structured Sessions
  • Snippet Sessions

Analysis Session.

The first step to getting better is to identify the right areas for you to work on and this is best done through an Analysis Session. These are generally run as a first step and involve you climbing as normal, with observation and feedback from myself throughout. The last period of the session will be earmarked for feedback with notes will be provided for you to refer back to. These can last for any time period from one hour up to six hours, although three hours is the optimum.

Analysis sessions are ideally suited to a 1:1 ratio.

Structured Sessions

If there is something specific you know you want to work on, a Structured Session may be a more effective use of time and money. For example, if you know you need to get better at dynos, booking me for a Dyno Masterclass may be the best way to go. Here, the start of the session will be used to discuss what is about to come and the last period of the session will be earmarked for feedback with notes will be provided for you to refer back to.

The length of Structured Sessions will vary depending on subject matter (some things take more time to work on) and this can be discussed at the point of booking. Ideal would be around 3 hours.

Structured Sessions are ideally suited to between 2:1 and 6:1 ratios.

Snippet Sessions

These sessions are unique and much less formal; if you’re not sure about coaching for your rock climbing, this is the place to start! Expect me to don rock boots, chalk up and come join you on the bouldering wall to watch and assess your climbing, offering advice and feedback as the session progresses while probably showing you a thing or two along the way. It’s the most relaxed session and can have huge benefits and breakthroughs.

Snippet Sessions are ideally suited to ratios above 7:1