Prowess Climbing Coaching offers many different options for you to improve. Ratios vary from 1:1, Small Groups (between 2 and 6 climbers) and Large Groups (between 7 and 12 climbers) with prices varying accordingly. Courses are available either at an indoor climbing wall or at an outdoor bouldering venue.

Below are some of the options available. If nothing tempts you, feel free to get in touch to discuss a more bespoke offering:

Outdoor Guided Bouldering

Taking you outdoors to the boulders.

Indoor Coaching Session

Finding weaknesses in the climbing wall.

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Please note: prices do not include wall entry, as some people already have wall passes. However, a group rate is available so if you are paying to climb, please let us know beforehand and the cheaper group rate can be arranged. 

Other courses

Learn Leading (Indoors)

The majority of climbers these days begin with top roping but quickly progress to want something more. The next stage is lead climbing but leading comes with extra risks and responsibilities. There’s more to learn and a greater need for real proficiency.

This course is designed is give you all the skills you’ll need to be a proficient lead climber and lead belayer at any suitable indoor climbing wall. It requires a minimum of two 2-hour sessions with the option for a third session if deemed necessary by the coach. The course will require between 2-4 climbers and costs £120 in total.

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Workshops are ideally suited for small or large groups and are more syllabus led, albeit with a massive dose of student-led learning. Small groups are charged at £30 per person, while large groups at £20 per person. All workshops run for two hours.

Workshops currently on offer are as follows:

  • Finding and Pushing Your Limits. This workshop looks at how you can find your current levels and work to push them further
  • Static and Dynamic Climbing. Develop greater skills moving either statically or dynamically, not necessarily including jumping off the wall
  • Structuring Your Session. Make the most of your sessions by implementing a structure that maximises your energy.
  • Two Factors for Good Footwork. Two areas to focus your attention to develop fantastic footwork.
  • Pyramid Training. For physical training, this workshop shows a method of training that doesn’t involve hanging still and staring at a wall.
  • Finding Weaknesses. A workshop designed to help climbers isolate their weaknesses through the TTPP model.

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Online Consultation

This may seem odd at first but an online consultation is available for those not close enough to be able to attend a session in person. During this conversation, we will talk about your goals, your local facilities and your time availability.

From here, a completely bespoke series of exercises and methods to attain your goals will be set out. This is a two-way conversation and is built entirely around what you have available and what you want to achieve. Consultations cost £20 per hour and include a written report for your records sent to you afterwards.

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Presentations and Lectures

Prowess can deliver a variety of presentations and lectures. These are primarily practical applications of academic theory or methods of teaching students.

Current lectures available include:

  • The Process. This presentation looks at HOT, POT and MOT and all the factors in between that link all climbs together and allow for effective teaching and learning in climbing. They are the guiding principles behind all climbing.
  • Instructor or Coach? This presentation looks at the difference between instruction and coaching, whether it matters and how you can use this to become a better educator.
  • Risk Free Belay Instruction. A presentation describing a method of teaching belaying to beginners without the need for a climber; thus allowing teaching in a one-to-one setting and eliminating the risk factor of having an active climber with novice belayer. This can also be run as a workshop.
  • Experience lectures. A lecture detailing some of my past experiences bouldering around Europe
  • Bouldering with babies. A lecture designed to help those with young children who still wish to get out climbing accomplish their dream.

All presentations and lectures are interactive with the audience and charged at £100 for two hours.

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More Information on Courses

If you’d like to know more on the structure and content of the courses, there are two places to visit: either the Types of Session page, which details how the sessions are designed and which ratios are best suited and the Course Content page, which explains about the breakdown of areas of your climbing that are used to be able to help you make maximum gains in the time you have.